The New York City District Council Retiree’s Guild was chartered in September, 2015. The Guild represents nine local unions in the five boroughs of New York City. The Retiree’s Carpenters Guild (RCG) invites all eligible retirees to join the Guild and enjoy the various events throughout the year.

The object of the Club is to promote the common interests of retirees from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters of America by initiating and implementing educational, community, and social activities of interests to its membership.

Our club exists to foster and maintain ties amongst us, keep informed of policies affecting our well-being, provide a communication channel with the New York City District Council, and offer interesting social and recreational activities. Over numerous years of service, our members have learned what makes this Union great, shared their knowledge and experience so apprentices could learn the proud trade of Union Carpentry.

Generations of Carpenters passing on tradition constructing New York City’s buildings and infrastructure. We will always be grateful to those who served before us and look forward to passing on our tradition.

The New York City District Council Retiree’s Guild Officers

President – Bill Walsh

Vice President – John Diaz

Recording Secretary – Marc Rodriguez

Secretary/ Treasurer – Walter Clayton

Trustee – Robert Ramirez

​Warden - Jeff Zwerin


Retiree's Carpenters Guild

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